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Is Resveratrol the Miracle Anti-aging Compound that it is believed to be?

Published on November 24, 2010 By editor

While most have heard that Resveratrol is considered to be somewhat of a “Miracle anti-aging compound” it still is not clear to most as to whether the evidence is conclusive enough to warrant investing in it at the present time. This article is written from my own experience with resveratrol. The research on resveratrol was conducted by Dr [...]

How does a regular exercise program help older People?

Published on November 1, 2010 By editor

By Jimmie Burroughs There is some interesting news for middle-aged people who spend a lot of their time on the couch watching TV, who don’t exercise regularly. Exercise seems to be one of the best anti-aging benefits. Even by starting a regular exercise program after 50 can improve your life span and make you feel [...]